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Video Door Bell for Your Smartphone

Whether working in the office, on a hike, or relaxing on a beach, residents will love being able to stay in contact with their homes when it matters. It’s all possible thanks to the My2N app!

  • Answer doors and speak to visitors from anywhere
  • Always know what’s happening in front of the home
  • Unlock doors remotely
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Video Door Bell for Your Smartphone
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Thanks to the My2N app, visitors can always reach residents. A video call from the 2N® IP intercom at the front door can be received anywhere in the world; all that’s needed is a good internet connection. If the user isn’t home, they can open the door remotely via the mobile app or tell their visitor whatever they need to.

In addition, residents will have increased peace of mind and better security by getting a constant overview of what's happening outside their homes. How? By streaming the camera feed from the video intercom camera at any time, from anywhere!

The missed call report, which includes a photo of the visitor, will also be useful: it makes it easy for residents to find out who rang the doorbell when they weren’t home.

Don’t worry about usability – My2N is very user-friendly. Anyone can find their way around the intuitive interface.

Call setup is done via the My2N Management Platform, where you add all the devices you want to use (2N IP intercoms and mobile phones). You then configure cloud calling to mobile phones and determine in which cases the 2N IP intercom should make calls.