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Video Door Bell for Your Smartphone

Whether you are working in the office, out for a walk in the woods, or on holiday abroad, it always comes in handy to be reachable when it matters. Thanks to the 2N® Mobile Video service your mobile phone can now be reached by the 2N IP intercom installed at your door.

  • Always in contact with visitors
  • Clear about what is happening outside the house
  • Unlocking the door remotely
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Video Door Bell for Your Smartphone
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You have only to log on to the website and add all devices (e.g. 2N IP intercoms) that you want to use. After that you choose the 2N® Mobile Video cloud-based service, in which you specify in what cases the 2N IP intercom is to contact you direct on your mobile when the button is pressed on the device.

Thanks to the 2N® Mobile Video service your visitors can always get in touch with you easily; No matter where you happen to be. The video call from your front door can be accepted over mobile data even while abroad. For smooth functioning you need only to have data services enabled. If you’re not near the door, you can use the mobile application to open the door for the visitor.

Moreover, you can watch at any time and from any place the video stream from the intercom camera. This allows you to have a constant overview of what is happening outside the door to your house. Also useful is the missed calls functions, which automatically takes a snapshot of the visitor. This gives you an easy way to find out who’s been ringing at your door while you were spending time away from home. In addition, you can set it up so that the intercom sends the person’s image to your email.

The service is tailored for users and thanks to its simple and user-friendly interface easily configurable by practically anyone.