05.05.2022 Company

2N® IP Style Intercom Dominates iF Design

The iF Design Award is one of the most recognised international competitions in the field of product design.

2N IP Style, iF DesignThis is the fourth major award for the 2N® IP Style in just a few months: the first was the CEPro BEST Product award, followed by the IoT/Connected award, the recent Red Dot Design award and the latest win is the German iF Design award.

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The second design award in a row is our proof that investing in truly premium design and high-end materials makes sense, even in an intercom where function and durability are the most important factors.”, says Lukáš Psota, Product Marketing Manager of the Intercom Division at 2N, commenting on the award. “We’ve produced what is arguably the most elegant intercom in the world, loved by not only design award juries, but above all by our customers. More and more architects and project designers are realising that it’s the intercom that creates the first impression at the entrance to a building and that an exclusive product like this at the front door brings added value to the whole project.

But the 2N® IP Style intercom is not just a visually attractive piece of hardware. It’s a powerful intercom that excels in exceptional camera image quality, an extremely bright display, lightning-fast graphic interface and the wide range of access control technologies it offers.

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