18.11.2022 Events

Our Latest Webinar - 2N IP Lift Solutions: How to Modernise Your Elevator

IP solutions are the future: find out how to integrate the best lift emergency communication solutions in the business into any existing lift system by joining our latest webinar.

gsm unit for liftYour end-users deserve the most reliable and secure lift solutions you can offer them, and you deserve to have flexible, future-proof installations that are easy to configure with your existing lift infrastructure.

2N has the solution – our Lift Systems bring IP benefits to lift solutions no matter the lift infrastructure, and our cloud platform 2N® Elevator Center allows for remote centralised management of all of them.

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Sounds good? Join our practical webinar: 2N IP Lift Solutions: How to modernise your elevator

It’s perfect for those who want to…

  • Get an overview of the scheme connections for our various Lift Solutions, how to configure them, and practical demonstrations too
  • Find out how to connect and configure a 2N Lift Solution for emergency communication into any lift system, including:
    • Analogue – bring 4G into an analogue communicator in the cabin using the 2N® EasyGate IP 4G gateway
    • Digital – benefit from 2N Lift8, a modular, future-proof solution for multiple shafts with a wide range of communication interfaces such as VoIP
    • IP –  use 2N® LiftGate with 2N® LiftIP 2.0 communicator to transform a regular lift into a modern 21st-century IP solution
  • Find out how 2-wire in the travelling cable can be enough for emergency communication and data connectivity to the cabin
  • Get to grips with & learn all the benefits of our cloud platform 2N® Elevator Center which allows you to remotely manage and configure devices
  • Have a chance to get your questions answered: we’ll do a live Q&A session at the end with our expert


1st December 2022 from 3pm (GMT+1)
Duration: 1.5 hours
Please note the session will be held in English

We look forward to seeing you there!

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