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Introducing the New OSDP Module

Do you want your 2N intercom reader to be part of another manufacturer's access control system? No problem. The new OSDP module will make it happen, and it will also secure the transmitted data.

IP Style, IP Verso, OSDP ModulWe often encounter requests to integrate our 2N intercoms equipped with a keypad, RFID or Bluetooth reader into an already installed access control system from another manufacturer. So far, you could only use the Wiegand module for this purpose, but now we also offer the OSDP module. It is compatible with many of our devices and more secure than Wiegand.

Why choose OSDP and not the "good old" Wiegand?

The crucial difference lies in the security. The OSDP protocol, unlike Wiegand, provides a secure and encrypted communication between the 2N IP intercom reader and the door controller. In other words, the ID number of the swiped RFID card or the entered PIN code is encrypted and then sent by the reader which makes it much more difficult to eavesdrop and misuse. This is one of the reasons why the OSDP protocol is increasingly required directly in project specifications, especially in office or government buildings.

Wide compatibility

The module is primarily used with 2N® IP Verso and 2N® IP Style intercoms. These offer different types of access technology and are often integrated with a third-party access control system. Of course, the module also fits the 2N® LTE Verso intercom and is compatible with 2N Access Unit 2.0 smart readers.

OSDP for secure connection to your access control system

Do you need 2N intercoms to be part of your existing access control system? Reach for the OSDP module.

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