23.02.2022 Software

Is There a Problem in a Lift? 2N® Elevator Center Will Notify You All by Itself

Has there been a power cut? Is the gateway connected to the cloud and ready for configuration? Thanks to a new function, 2N® Elevator Center will now automatically notify you to events like this by email.

2N Elevator Center, computer, manThe 2N® Elevator Center is a cloud-based portal that offers remote management of IP gateways designed for emergency communication in lifts. It can ensure their automatic configuration and gives you an instant overview of all connected devices.

Thanks to instant email notification, it now alerts you to all the things that are important to you. Are you interested in the status of the gateway’s registration with the VoIP provider, the quality of your mobile network connection, a connection failure to the cloud or a switch to backup power? Create a new event, name it, add a short description and determine the recipients to whom 2N® Elevator Center will send notifications. If any of the monitored events occur, technicians are notified immediately by email and often resolve the potential problem before the user even notices it.

The new version also includes a new “read only” role in the 2N® Elevator Center. You can assign this to employees in the monitoring centre, for example, who are the first point of contact for the customer in the event of a problem. They can immediately connect to the 2N® Elevator Center and check whether the gateway is registered to a mobile network, if the signal is weak or if there has been a power cut. However, they cannot change any settings or connect to the gateway remotely. Nevertheless, even this information can often help quickly resolve a problem that has arisen.

2N® Elevator Center can do much more

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